A unique "savoir-faire" for kids.

Thanks to a passion that has been with us for two generations, we decided to create our own brand of 100% Belgian children's clothing.

While one draws and creates, the other makes patterns and sews.


It is through this site that we decided to share our love for confection whose credo is "Originality, exclusivity and customization.


Aurélie Salmon & Patricia Lafosse.


A more than 60 years old "savoir-faire".

Our craft in clothing has enjoyed an intergenerational experience since 1950.

Highest quality materials

Our team has selected for you high quality fabrics. The same goes for each of the supplies we use to make your favorite clothes / accessories.

Customizations X infinity

Do you want to change the fabric of a model or embroider the name of your child? Everything is possible.